Shakespeare in Love - John Madden

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Shakespeare in Love - John Madden
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Shakespeare in Love

John Madden

Genre: Romantik

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Utgivningsdatum: 08 januari 1999

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One of the wittiest, most charming film comedies ever made, Shakespeare in Love is a brilliantly fictional story behind the creation of one of the most enduring pieces of literature ever written by the most acclaimed writer of all-time. Plagued with debt, writer's block, and fallen far past deadline for his latest play, it seems like things can't get much worse for young William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes). Then Will meets Viola (Oscar®-winner Gwyneth Paltrow), a young lady masquerading as man to get a part in his play, and it's love at first sight! Inspired by his new romance, Will sets feverishly to work on his play, determined to write the greatest love story ever told-"Romeo and Juliet"! Featuring an all-star cast and a razor-sharp, Academy Award®-winning screenplay by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman, this modern classic also received the Oscar® for Best Picture, as well as earning trophies for Paltrow and Dame Judi Dench for her performance as Queen Elizabeth I.

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